Responsible citizen

Safe city , clean roads , greenery, helpful citizens, respect and safety for every individual, healthy hygienic food, clean environment. Everybody dreams of these necessities, but unfortunately they seem difficult in our country. But do we ever wonder how our actions affect the community?

We say our Government is inefficient, our laws are too archaic, our municipality does not clear the garbage & trash, everything is behind schedule, every department asks for a bribe no matter what the work and what their responsibility & moral duty, the whole system is corrupt.

We go to the polls to choose our government and that’s is where we think our responsibility ends. We sit back and expect the government to do everything. We expect others to do things, however, fail to look in the mirror. We clean our house but do not think twice before dirtying our community. We want clean beaches, however, do not want to put efforts to achieve it.

“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy

The above line clearly explain why America has grown to become a super power and a developed nation whereas we are still struggling. It is not that we lack capability and capacity of achieving anything. The problem is with our attitude and mindset.

The same Indian when in India is found spitting anywhere he likes, smoking in No Smoking zones, throwing garbage anywhere at will, abusing fellow people while once he is taken to a country like Singapore/ USA the complete persona of the individual changes. This clearly shows our disrespect to our own country whom we are expected to treat as our Mother.

Just by shouting “Bharat Mata ki jai” & “Vande Mataram” on 15th of Aug and 26th of Jan and being over patriotic during a Indo-Pak cricket match does not mean we are showing the respect due to our Mother land.

We are waiting for a ban on the use of plastic bags, but do not avoid using it. In fact, we will pay the shopkeeper extra for that plastic bag or even worse are ready to argue with a shopkeeper in case the shopkeeper does not give us our stuff in a plastic bag. Excuses like, forgot to get a cloth/ reusable bag needs to be discarded from within our heart. Do we forget to have food, keep our house clean… then how can we forget something which is so important to keep our environment clean. We want the public bathrooms clean but who creates a mess in them? Why do not we learn how to properly use the bathroom. We love greenery but will not plant a tree or even join a tree plantation camp in our locality. We want our tourism department to do things to attract more tourist but what do we do to save our monuments/ heritage. When it comes to social issues we discuss it in our drawing room and say “what can I do all alone “. It is our responsibility to see what is happening in our community and participate in solving the issues, if any. We say ambulance and fire brigades never arrive on time , but do we ever stop and give them the right of way. We become insensitive to the pain of others but expect others to help and cooperate when we are in trouble.

Bribe has become a part of our culture. Right from getting a birth certificate to getting a death certificate, from admission to school to college and in some cases to also get a job we take the support of bribe. To register a FIR in the police station, to get admitted in a government hospital, to getting a driving license… everywhere we bribe. Now, who is generating black money/ supporting corruption

Charity begins at home”. It is easier said than done. It is not possible for all of us to do everything that befits a responsible citizen, however, there are certain things that we can do and should do. Keeping cleanliness, planting trees, giving right of way to emergency vehicles, helping people in distress…. and the list continues… we can do so many things to ensure our Mother land gets the status and respect that it deserves. Not to forget, every step towards the destination brings us closer to it. Does our Mother not deserve responsible children? It is upon us to decide and show. Just shouting slogans does not help. A responsible act is better than one hundred sermons.