What are bad habits?.. We all are very well aware of this word and also the great sinner inside us who again and again force us to get indulged. Wether anger, lust, smoking, drinking or telling lies, indiscipline everything comes under the same roof of bad habit. That means anything that harms your mental or physical health, character,routine, sanity and behaviour, in short or long term is a bad habit.

The sin is so powerful that it overpowers all good. So to overcome no suggestions and advices will work until you have the will power, the strong urge inside you to get rid of the traitor. It’s amazing that you want to be different and still do what everyone else is doing. You cheat your own identity and conscience.

Most of you know the ill effects of any kind of bad habit, and even wish to leave but could not…why??

This is because somewhere deep inside your heart you love it. The enjoyment of a moment rules your brain and heart. Slowly slowly you become slave of it. So you need to first hate the thing you want to leave and stop giving excuses.

It’s an enemy and you need to make a full proof plan to beat it. Again the first requirement is strong determination. Sit and decide that you have to get rid of it.

@ purchase a book on the effects of such habit and read it…atleast go through it once in a week.
@ make a poster like “smoking will kill me” and paste it on a wall of your room. Make another poster stating that you will definitely come over it.
@ tell one of your close friends to remind you of your mission everyday and to be strict with you. If possible tell your family too about your plan.
@ set it on the top your priority list, even over your studies or work, because once you come out as a winner everything will be possible.
@ set a time limit target say one month and promise yourself to achieve it.
@ avoid those places and people who might force you to get back. If you say it’s unavoidable then forget it you can never win this war. You just need to avoid them for a month or two. After that you ll become strong enough to be affected.

Now don’t be linient with yourself. Most of us are unable to get free of something bad because we believe in step wise step process. First reducing and then slowly slowly leaving it completely. That’s not the right way. Leave everything at once. It just need a second to change your life.

One more thing, do not ever take support of any other substitute. Because its like leaving one and developing other. Love yourself and your life. Human body doesn’t need support of any addiction to survive. And as far as other habits like anger, dishonesty are concerned we all know what’s right and what’s wrong. You’ll fool yourself by saying that tensions and addictions forced you to loose your self control. This will in fact just increase your problems. No one but you’ll suffer the most. So get up before its too late. Before cancer, aids, loosing relations, loosing trust and loosing your aim of life.

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