Family values are basically the core of our living. These values build the personality and character and help an individual in adverse situation. The stronger our values the better we can face the difficult times.

Family values such as love, care, respect, responsibility come when we spend quality time with our family members, but nowadays in our busy lifestyle we do not have the time to enjoy with our loved ones. And moreover, with the modern technology, people interact less with the family members, they are more interested in social networking site. But this needs to be changed, family gives us a sense of belonging and emotional security without which a person is in danger of feeling lost.

“The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege.”
Charles Kuralt

To educate a child about the family values certain things should be kept in mind. Children always imitate their elders so, grown-ups should practice what they preach. They themselves should respect their elders, which will in turn help them earn the respect of their younger ones.

Parents should build a bond of trust with their children thereby encouraging the children to share things with them.

The most effective way to educate children about these values is by telling stories. Children find stories interesting and get easily connected with the idea.

Parents should not just focus on making their children successful; rather, they should ensure that they inculcate good habits in their children so that they grow up to become persons with strong character and responsible social beings.

As parents, we sometimes go too far to protect and help our kids from life’s harsh realities and disappointments. We do not want our kids to struggle like we did. But, we forget that over protected children are more likely to struggle in relationships and with challenges. We are sending the wrong signal to our children that they are not capable of helping themselves, in turn, making them dependent forever.

“It is Our Job to prepare Our Children for the Road….., & not prepare the road for Our Children…” – Wendy Mogel


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