We keep on learning throughout our life. But on becoming parents why we think that we know everything about our children’s good or bad . What should they do and shouldn’t?

As a person we always want ourselves to be an independent individual who can think and act  the way we want but as soon as we come into the character of a parent we change and want our children to follow what we say.

Is it fair ?
Then what is right for them who will decide ?
As parents what should be our role?

Answer to these questions are hidden in this relationship only. We consider our children as our future. And readily accept ourselves as a decision maker of their lives .

Instead as a parent, we should:

-be sensitive to the needs of our children
– act as a guide, an instructor, a friend in their life.
-create a relationships with them where, instead of we going to them, they come to us for suggestions to take their decision.
-create a learning environment as children tend to copy adults in their surrounding. Our behavior should be same as we expect them to do.
– limit the negative – stimulus.
-involve and assist in their activities and interests.
– lead the child to discover his/her own truth, life and draw conclusions.
– never hurt their self respect by scolding and shouting on them in front of others.
– ensure the development of sense of responsibility by giving them chance to perform some action time to time on their own.

Above all appreciating them for the good things they have.
Help them to be independent in what ever they do but simultaneously ensure they respect rights and emotions of others.Thus our children will be able to decide what is right and wrong for them, keeping their parents along on their side always.

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