The seven colors of rainbow

“The seven colors of rainbow”

Everyone wants to be happy and successful. Fill your life with the following seven steps(colors), and you’ll find the key to all you want:

1. PRAYER: This is to paint your soul. The more you believe in God, more you believe in yourself. It not only gives you peace of mind but also increases your confidence and concentration. Pray daily…..make it a habit. Close your eyes and see the almighty, the supreme power, pour out your feelings, open up your heart to Him and you ll find yourself completely at peace. It gives energy. Start with one minute prayer daily and increase the time day by day. Those minutes will become the best part of your day.

2. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH: ‘health is wealth’. Good health should be the first in your list of priorities. Exercise, walk or yoga, choose any, but be regular. The glow on your face will speak in a month or two of its benefits. Take care of what you put in your stomach. Don’t leave fast food completely, but make a limit. Decide a day in a week or a fortnight when you ll eat out. If you yourself become conscious about your health, half of your quarrels with mothers will be reduced.

3. RESPECT ALL: whether elder or younger, show respect to everyone around you. Respect their feelings, thoughts, capabilities, weaknesses and whatever they do for you. Never compare it with your expectations because the more a person loves you, the more you expect. And the more you are thankful the more people are willing to love you.

4. BE LOVING AND CARING: let the people around you know how much you love and care for them. Express your emotions. Being caring makes you humble, and everyone sooner or later will be happy with you. This inturn will give you satisfaction and happiness. Every living creature understand the language of love. Try to fulfill your responsibilities with joy and don’t take it as a burden. And if at some point of time you feel empty and exhausted, take a break. Spend time with yourself. Get back with loads of energy.

5. MAKE YOUR RULES AND PRINCIPLES: keeping in view your interests, the kind of environment you live in, societal values and above all basic values and principles, make a list of your own dos and don’ts. When you decide your own limits, you follow them easily. No one else dare to interfere with your views and life. Don’t always depend on your elders to restrict you. These rules and principles will solve most of your problems. They help you judge and take your decisions. Your values makes your character strong.

6. WORK HARD:  Hard work is the most important and the brightest color of all which has the power to change your destiny, your outlook and confidence. We all want success but very few are ready to give our best. That’s not fair. There is no substitute of hardworking. Now a days some people say smart work is more important but to be smart you need to work hard. Be consistent in your efforts, enjoy your work. Remind yourself everyday that your job is to work and leave the rest on God. And for sure you ll get what you deserve.

7. BE YOURSELF: love yourself the way you are. Be the first one to know yourself. Work on your weaknesses and be proud of your qualities. This will reduce the pressure of negative comments by others.

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