“TRUTH” it seems to be just a word but it encloses in itself the solution to so many problems. In today’s world one is stressed  and unhappy because of loneliness. He can’t even trust his own friends and family members. Why?? The reason is vanishing truthfulness in its real state..

Some people don’t even care. They think that they can’t achieve success, happiness and money by following the path of honesty.

Some others feel and know the importance of being truthful, but due to lack of determination don’t follow the same.

And there are the rest, very few in no., who chose to be honest in their words. However difficult it may be, they strive to achieve it every day, every moment, in every action and word. It is tough to be truthful but not impossible. And the rewards it gives makes the hardship worth it. Just imagine how wonderful it will be if no one lies ever.

Satya includes –

Knowing the truth : the first step is to know it. Sometimes we don’t question ourselves much to get down to the deepest facts. Still you know it how will you tell others. And also telling yourself the truth( however bitter it may be) will make you strong, happy and bring clarity of thoughts.

Accepting the truth: an even more important aspect which has 2 sides.
*accepting your own reality
*accepting others

Both are equally challenging. We need to be brave and understand that people, their thoughts and situations are different. You need to be open. Courageous when confessing.and once it becomes a habit it gets effortless.

You should be understanding enough to analyse what others want to say before reaching to any conclusions. Being truthful to you is the biggest gift one can give you, so better value it more than any thing else.

Dealing with the truth: It means the mending work. Tell yourself again and again that the hardships truth brings are like nights will definitely end bringing out a beautiful morning. Give others enough comfort so that they are not afraid of any disclosure in front of you.


Because it brings the real joy, freedom, comfort, happiness and fearlessness we all strive for. You become so free of burdens.

Sometimes due to our imagined fear we hesitate even in sharing with our close ones.but as time passes we realize that how stupid it was of us. Sharing with others makes us aware of the fact that everyone goes through almost similar situations, they make similar mistakes, but we burden our mind and curse ourselves.

SATYAMEV JAYATE…Truth will come out anyhow, today or later. So sooner the better. The moment you tell your world only the truth, it will stop blaming you and come to your rescue.

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